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The Epoxy Phenolic Resin Mixing Water Should Use Drinking Water

Jun 15, 2020

       In many building constructions, the strength of the grouting material is very high, and the strength of the general pure grouting material is less than about 100, and the appearance of the epoxy grouting material improves this situation very well. The editor will introduce some grouting methods and precautions for epoxy resin grouting.

  The self-weight method is a method that uses the good fluidity of the material in the grouting construction to freely flow within the grouting range to meet the grouting requirements.

  High-level funnel method is a method of using epoxy resin to increase the potential energy difference of grouting to meet the requirements of grouting when the grouting fluid cannot meet the requirements during grouting construction.

   1. When mixing epoxy grouting material, the amount of water added should be added according to the recommended amount of water on the product certificate provided with the goods, and the epoxy phenolic resin can be used after stirring evenly. For anchor bolt anchoring and planting reinforcement, the water consumption can be appropriately reduced according to the actual situation of the project. Drinking water should be used for epoxy resin mixing water. When other water sources are used, epoxy phenolic resin should comply with the current "Concrete Mixing Water Standard" (JGJ63).

   2. The mixing of epoxy grouting material can adopt mechanical stirring or manual stirring. It is recommended to use mechanical agitation, and the agitation time is generally 1-2 minutes (hand drill agitator is strictly prohibited). When manual stirring is used, 2/3 of the amount of water should be added and mixed for 2 minutes, and then the remaining water should be added to stir until uniform.

   5. During winter construction, the epoxy grouting material and mixing water shall comply with the relevant provisions of the current "Construction and Acceptance Regulations for Reinforced Concrete Engineering".

     6. We have said before that although epoxy resin grouting materials are not toxic, many people still have slight allergies because of skin problems. Allergic problem.

     7. Epoxy resin grouting material has high strength and it is very convenient to use. Epoxy phenolic resin is stronger than previous cement-based materials and it is very resistant to stress. It avoids many problems and has very strong High strength, epoxy resin can also cause no problems.

     When grouting, pay attention to squeezing during the grouting from one side but do not shake to avoid entrapped air; when the grouting distance is more than 1.5m, the high-level grouting funnel method should be used, using the principle of gravity pressure difference Auxiliary grouting.

  The grouting work must be completed as soon as possible. The thickness of the single grouting layer is controlled between 25mm and 35mm; the grouting depth of the single bolt hole is less than 1500mm; when the grouting volume exceeds 1.8m×1.8m×150mm, it is necessary to use foam board to stick the expansion joint reserved strip on the foundation surface, and the grouting is finally set After that, the surface part of it is cut out, and then the production expansion joint is closed with an epoxy sealing limb.