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The Heat-resistant Temperature Grade Of Epoxy Resin Insulation Material

Aug 05, 2020

All ideas can be realized through practice, so we will consider many factors when dealing with them. The epoxy resin produced by Longcai New Materials swears to be environmentally friendly and healthy. Today we will take a look at the epoxy resin insulation material Heat resistance temperature grade.

The insulating properties of insulating materials are closely related to temperature. The higher the temperature, the worse the insulation performance of the insulating material. In order to ensure the insulation strength, each insulation material has an appropriate maximum allowable operating temperature. Below this temperature, it can be used safely for a long time, and it will age quickly if it exceeds this temperature. According to the degree of heat resistance, the insulating materials are divided into Y, A, E, B, F, H, C and other levels. For example, the maximum allowable working temperature of Class A insulating materials is 105°C. Most of the insulating materials used in distribution transformers and motors generally belong to Class A, such as epoxy resin insulation boards.

Insulation temperature class A class E class B class F class H class

Maximum allowable temperature (℃) 105 120 130 155 180

Winding temperature rise limit (K) 60 75 80 100 125

Performance reference temperature (℃) 80 95 100 120 145

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