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The High Level Of Raw Materials Has Stabilized, And The Short-term Stagnation Of Resin

Oct 06, 2020

Orthophthalic general-purpose resin-30, double ring (DC) hand lay-up resin-90, artificial stone/quartz stone resin 10, pultrusion resin 0, winding structure layer resin 0, winding isophthalic lining resin 0, NPG molding resin 50 , DPG type molded resin 60. Raw material prices fluctuated and stabilized, and resin market prices remained stable.

This week, raw material prices have stabilized and weakened. Maleic anhydride and propylene glycol, which have soared all the way in the previous period, also showed signs of stabilizing at a high level. Especially for maleic anhydride, although the ex-factory prices of various manufacturers have not changed much, some traders have begun to cut prices first. On the whole, this wave of price increases so far has achieved staged stability. This week is the last few days of National Day stocking, long-distance land transportation has basically stopped, and the purchase of UPR factories has come to an end. Judging from the current supply and demand situation of the entire industry chain, the downstream demand of UPR is still very strong. Therefore, most UPR production plants only have a holiday of 2-3 days during the National Day to increase inventory to prepare for market demand after the holiday. Only part of the downstream FRP factories have reduced and stopped production due to the lack of glass fiber raw materials, which will have a short-term adverse effect on the demand for UPR, but overall, whether it is domestic demand or export, it is currently in a very strong situation. Therefore, under the current circumstances, the market price of UPR will not show a significant correction and will remain stable for a long time. And because of the downstream UPR production support, although the maleic anhydride market has increased supply due to the restart of some overhaul factories, and some traders cut prices and dumped goods, it is difficult to see a sustained and substantial decline in the short term. A slight slow adjustment may be The main characteristics of the maleic anhydride market in a future period.