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The Latest Application Of Carbon Fiber At Home And Abroad

Aug 20, 2020

According to predictions by relevant agencies, the global carbon fiber market will rise to 32.06 billion US dollars by 2030. On the one hand, this large-scale growth is because the increase in the production capacity of carbon fiber raw materials has promoted the application of the market. On the other hand, the emergence of more new application forms and the development of application fields have in turn stimulated the rapid development of the raw material market. In recent years, the innovative applications of carbon fiber composite materials at home and abroad can be said to be incessant and the results are repeated.

Carbon fiber cable mesh arch bridge

The world's first carbon fiber cable mesh arch bridge

The Stuttgart City Rail Bridge in Germany is the world's first mesh arch bridge completely suspended on carbon fiber composite tension elements. The 72 suspension members are made of carbon fiber composite materials. Compared with steel cables, the cross-sectional area of carbon fiber cables is only a quarter of that. It can traverse eight highway lanes without supporting columns, fully satisfying the requirements of mesh arch bridge hangers. More importantly, its self-weight is very light, no crane is needed, and only three construction workers can be installed.

Mini carbon fiber electric scooter

Mini carbon fiber electric scooter

Recently, a Japanese company uses carbon fiber polycarbonate composite materials to make electric scooter pedals. This "car that can be carried in a handbag" is only 215 mm long and 346 mm wide. It is equivalent to a 13-inch laptop and weighs only 2.9 kg. However, it can drive continuously at a maximum speed of 16 km/h. After a full charge, it can last up to 60 minutes. This design makes full use of the high-strength and ultra-lightweight advantages of carbon fiber materials and the impact resistance of Panlite polycarbonate resin to achieve the perfect unity of lightness and durability of this product.

Carbon fiber suspension frame structure

Carbon fiber composite for maglev train

Suspension frame structure In order to improve the quality and speed of the domestic maglev train, the research team has carried out the research and development of the composite material suspension frame structure of the maglev train. The structure of the traditional metal suspension frame is more complicated, the load is more, and the degree of integration is not very high. However, through the alternative application of carbon fiber composite materials, the weight of the suspension structure and the overall manufacturing cost can be reduced. Under the same load-bearing requirements, the use of composite materials can realize the lightweight design of the structure.

Flexible carbon fiber composite

Flexible carbon fiber composite materials break the international monopoly

Special flexible carbon fiber material. This seemingly ordinary black fabric can be unharmed under the flames of 1500℃, and remains unchanged in the face of strong acid and alkali. It is widely used in filtration, adsorption, heating, protection, fire protection, heat insulation, electromagnetic Six major industrial fields including shielding. The successful research and development and mass production of this material broke the monopoly of this type of material by foreign companies in one fell swoop, and the product price is only half of the price of foreign imported products.

Continuous carbon fiber reinforcement

Thermoplastic prepreg thermoplastic carbon fiber composite prepreg tape will achieve mass production

Thermoplastic carbon fiber composites have better performance advantages than thermoset carbon fiber composites and have a wider range of applications, but their manufacturing technology is relatively more difficult. Recently, my country has successfully solved the problem of high viscosity of mid-to-high-end thermoplastic resins and difficulty in fusing with carbon fiber. The stable mass production of continuous carbon fiber reinforced PPS composite prepreg has been realized, which means that the domestic carbon fiber application industry has opened up a new development path. In the future, Wuxi Zhishang New Materials will continue to pursue different types of thermoplastic carbon fiber prepreg products such as continuous carbon fiber reinforced PA and PEEK to further meet the diversified needs of the carbon fiber application market.