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The Main Application Of Epoxy Resin In The Construction Industry

Jun 16, 2020

Epoxy resins are widely used in the construction industry, and can be specific to every process or even every material. It can be used in many aspects such as road signs, dam leakage prevention, military engineering emergency maintenance, and plugging.

The main application areas can be divided into the following aspects:

 1 Building construction, including precast concrete parts and construction bonding

Such as roof system bonding, column bonding, foundation long pile bonding, girder joint bonding, seismic wall structure partition wall steel bar bonding, internal and external wall insulation materials must be paved and bonded, various types of pipeline installation bonding, Metal splicing, etc.

 2 Indoor and outdoor decoration and decoration

In recent years, it has developed rapidly in such applications, such as external wall mosaic tiles, glass curtain wall installation, indoor ceiling bonding, wallpaper wall covering, floor decoration, floor tile bonding, bathroom waterproof sealing, etc.

 3 Sealing of various buildings

With the modernization of the construction industry, epoxy resin construction adhesives will have greater development, including doors and windows, large slab walls, expansion joints, joints, special constructions, etc.

 4 Building maintenance, reconstruction, reinforcement and reinforcement

In recent years, the application in this area has developed rapidly. Especially in the reconstruction and reinforcement, the application of building structural adhesive has been very extensive, solving many problems that cannot be solved by traditional processes, and advancing to a higher level.

 5 Reinforcement and maintenance of transportation facilities and water conservancy projects

In recent years, due to the development of construction adhesives, especially the development of new technologies for structural adhesives (such as carbon fiber adhesives), it has been widely used in this area, such as the reinforcement and maintenance of highway bridges, the reinforcement and maintenance of highway tunnels, and the pavement maintenance of highway pavements. , Emergency reinforcement and repair of airport runways, reinforcement and repair of railway bridges (reinforced concrete), dam plugging and repairing in water conservancy projects, special reinforcement and repairing in traffic, etc.

 6 Production of composite building materials

Light weight, high strength, and many functions are the development direction of composite building materials. Among a variety of such building materials, building adhesive is an indispensable bonding material in the production process. Such as the manufacture of mobile home components, the manufacture of arched roof truss, the manufacture of high-strength lightweight prefabricated parts, the manufacture of resin composite panels, decorative panels, the manufacture of synthetic granite, the manufacture of various types of artificial panels, and the manufacture of composite door and window components for houses , The manufacture of various artificial marbles, the manufacture of various new construction materials, and the use of waste polymer materials to manufacture building materials, etc., all of which use building adhesives as bonding materials to obtain high-performance, low-cost products. And with the development of new varieties of chemical building materials, it has increasingly shown its important role.