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The Main Cause Of Bubbles In Epoxy AB Crystal Glue

Aug 01, 2020

The products made by epoxy A/B crystal glue are transparent, such as glass crystals. Therefore, epoxy A/B crystal glue is especially suitable for the casting, sealing and decoration of transparent objects, and its surface coating or coating Light. However, once the casting process is not well mastered, it is particularly easy to cause bubbles, so how to eliminate the bubbles of epoxy A/B crystal glue?

The main reason for the bubbles in the epoxy A/B crystal glue is: a large amount of solvent volatilizes in the material and brings out a lot of bubbles; the viscosity is high, the bubbles are not easy to release; the temperature is low, which causes the viscosity of the A/B material to increase greatly Large, the release of bubbles is difficult; and if the curing process is too fast, it will be too late to release the bubbles; the casting body is complicated and the cured product is too thick, and the bubbles cannot escape from the mold cavity and the material body.

For the above reasons, the solution is very simple,

One is to use solvent-free crystal glue as much as possible. Never use products that physically add solvents. For example, inorganic solvents are added to reduce costs and add benzene, acetone, alcohols and other toxic and harmful products. In this way, the root cause of bubbles is fundamentally eliminated;

The second is to say that when the construction is possible, you must try to choose the crystal glue with low viscosity, and then process it on the flat surface while the thickness of the material is not particularly thick, then it is not necessary to vacuum, just use the blower The hot air of the hair dryer can blow off the vapor bubbles generated after pouring within 1 hour (normal temperature) after the material is poured, or use a needle to poke off the vapor bubbles and then use an electric hair dryer to blow the pouring body flat.