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The Main Formula Of Artificial Marble

Jun 23, 2020

Artificial stone, also known as artificial stone, is a polymer polymer. It is usually made of unsaturated resin and aluminum hydroxide filler as the main material, and is formed by stirring, shallow injection, heating, polymerization and other processes. It is generally called resin plate artificial stone. Artificial stone with methyl methacrylate (MMA) as main material, also known as acrylic artificial stone. In the manufacturing process, with different colors can be made into products with bright colors and luster like jade resembling natural marble.

         Simple process of artificial stone production: raw materials are unsaturated polyester resin, fillers and pigments: (1) resin. The resin for producing artificial stone is divided into surface layer and structural layer. The surface decorative layer resin requires small shrinkage, toughness, hardness, heat resistance, wear resistance, water resistance, etc. At the same time, it needs easy toning. Octyldiol o-benzene resin is used for artificial stone, and octanediol m-benzene resin is used for producing sanitary ware. Curing system, commonly used methyl ethyl ketone peroxide, cobalt naphthalate solution. (2) Filler. There are many fillers for the production of artificial stone. The fillers for the production of artificial marble are aluminum hydroxide, marble powder, quartz powder, dolomite powder, calcium carbonate powder, etc. The fillers for the production of artificial granite are gradation of granules, different varieties of granite Stone uses different colors of pellets, and the filler of producer agate must have a certain transparency. Generally, aluminum hydroxide or aluminum oxide are used. (3) Pigments. For making artificial marble or artificial agate bathtub, heat-resistant and water-resistant color paste should be selected. When manufacturing decorative boards and handicrafts, light-resistant, water-resistant and durable pigments should be used. In addition, the mold materials used in the production of artificial marble and granite slabs include glass steel, stainless steel, plastic, and glass.

        Artificial stone products have a short production cycle and low cost, and are widely used in various indoor and outdoor architectural decorations. Artificial stone came out in the United States 30 years ago. The earliest application of artificial stone products as decorative materials in my country was some coastal developed cities in the mid-1990s, which were widely popular a few years later. This boom is now spreading to small and medium-sized cities in the Mainland. Artificial stone is mainly used in: kitchen countertops, bathroom washstands, window sill countertops, door and window covers, coffee tables, baseboards, bar counters, TV countertops, etc. It is a new green environmental protection building material that replaces natural marble and wood.

         Speaking of the world and domestic production of artificial stone. The lecturer said that international artificial stone brands represented by American DuPont-Corian, South Korea's Samsung and LG have emerged one after another, and they have entered the market one after another. As far as the domestic is concerned, artificial stone has grown from scratch. Nowadays, there are thousands of enterprises, and there are also many companies investing tens of millions of yuan or even hundreds of millions of yuan to introduce foreign equipment. There are 16 artificial stone production and sales enterprises in Hunan Province, with a total investment of 485 million yuan, and the scale is still expanding.