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The New Favorite Of The Paint Industry-wood Wax Oil!

Jun 11, 2020

What is wood wax oil?

With the continuous improvement of environmental protection requirements, people's requirements for furniture coatings are getting higher and higher. Wood wax oil, as a green, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and harmless natural coating, has quickly become a new darling of the coating industry.

Wood wax oil is a common name for vegetable oil wax coatings in China. It is a natural wood coating that is similar to paint but different from paint. The raw material is mainly made of refined natural oils such as linseed oil, palm wax and other natural ingredients. , Even the pigments used in toning have reached food grade. Therefore, it does not contain toxic components such as triphenyl, formaldehyde and heavy metals, and has no pungent odor. It can replace paint for home decoration and outdoor garden woodware.

The principle of wood wax oil

The oil in wood wax oil can penetrate into the interior of the wood to give deep moisture protection to the wood; the wax can be closely combined with the wood fiber to enhance the surface hardness, waterproof and antifouling, wear and scratch resistance, this golden combination provides the most excellent wood Conservation and decoration functions.

Use effect of wood wax oil

Wood wax oil can completely penetrate into the wood, so it is completely different from the traditional paint with a paint film in appearance. The surface has an open texture effect. Different wood materials can bring different real touch, and can be partially repaired and renovated without Leaving traces, the construction is also very simple, just rub it once or twice, it will not cause harm to the health of the construction personnel.

Wood wax oil price cost

Although the unit volume of wood wax oil is much more expensive than paint, but the wood wax oil is much higher than the solid content of paint. The painting area of wood wax oil is about 20 square meters per liter, plus wood wax The auxiliary materials and labor costs of oil construction are much lower (wood wax oil construction does not require other auxiliary materials and professional painters), so the cost per unit area will not be higher than that of good paint.

The role of wood wax oil

Because oil can penetrate into the wood to deeply moisturize and maintain the wood; wax can be closely combined with wood fibers to enhance surface hardness, waterproof and antifouling, so for wood, such a gold combination can provide the best beautification and protection .

Wood wax oleoresin

1. 7501D: Alkyd resin for low-odor self-drying paint with environmentally friendly D40 solvent

Features: low odor, good leveling, easy to brush, good pigment dispersion

Applications: Marine paint, high-quality magnetic paint

2. 7508: Alkyd resin used for self-drying low-odor self-drying paint modified by linseed oil

Features: fast drying, high hardness, low odor, good leveling, easy brushing, good pigment dispersion

Applications: wood protection oil, high-quality magnetic paint

How to choose wood wax oil?

1. Wood wax oil effect: Wood wax oil can make antique, Chinese, rural, Mediterranean and other effects.

2. The construction is convenient. Whether you are DIY or ask the worker to help, you must test it in the early stage to find a feeling. Wood wax oil and paints and paints that are usually seen are completely different products and cannot be dealt with in the past. It must be done according to the manufacturer's method to avoid irreparable losses caused by large-scale construction!

3. When choosing wood wax oil, ask the difference between its products, whether it is wood oil (only vegetable oil, low concentration, low coating rate, poor waterproof and stain resistance) or wood wax oil (more waxy ingredients, High concentration, high coating rate, good waterproof and stain resistance), and there are general ingredients to understand, such as what vegetable oil and vegetable wax inside, some brands are tung oil, so the taste is slightly larger, it is the cause of tung oil itself; if Palm wax has high hardness, good water and stain resistance, and beeswax is slightly inferior.

4. Selection of wood wax oil for different purposes. There are many types of wood wax oil. There are special wood wax oil in different places. For example, hard wax oil is used for floors and furniture countertops, colored wax is used for furniture, and clear oil is available for suspended ceiling panels, and clear wax is selected for mahogany hardwood. Therefore, in the case of cost savings, try to use suitable wood wax oil.

5. When looking at the sample, first of all, you will smell a smell of oil, mainly after drying it has no taste.

Benefits of wood wax oil

1. Environmental protection, free of benzene, formaldehyde, etc., and no harmful substances such as heavy metals;

2. The construction is simple, you can do it yourself without professional construction personnel;

3. Good weather resistance, unlike peeling and falling off after a long time of painting;

4. Maintain the wood, penetrate into the wood, and protect the wood for a long time;

5. Highlight the wood texture and highlight a natural and soft beauty;

6. Strong durability, weather resistance, scrub resistance, and easy repair and renovation.