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The New Trend Of Flume Development And The Rapid Rise Of Quartzite Flume!

Jun 14, 2018

The new trend of flume development and the rapid rise of quartzite flume!

With the continuous development of the domestic household industry, people's demand for quality life is getting higher and higher. Personalized homes are also sought after by many young people pursuing fashion.

Traditional stainless steel flume is prone to noise. At the same time, if the water tank wall is thin, it is easy to bump, scratch and even corrode easily. Under such circumstances, a quartz stone flume with simple and elegant appearance and fashionable material character has been recognized by more and more consumers.

Quartz stone flume is usually made of a certain proportion of quartz sand mixed resin and other high temperature die casting. Compared with the traditional flume, the advantage of quartzite flume is very obvious.