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The Non-negligible Link In The Daily Maintenance Of Epoxy Resin Floors.

May 28, 2020

With the improvement of the construction technology of epoxy resin materials, the application of epoxy resin floors is becoming more and more extensive. Epoxy resin floor is a high-performance, high-strength floor, the overall appearance is neat and generous.


So, how to ensure the aesthetic and clean performance of epoxy floor in daily production and life, how to increase the service life of epoxy floor?

In particular, epoxy resin floors should be maintained and cleaned after completion and delivery. Here are some tips for epoxy resin floor maintenance for your reference.


1. After the construction of the epoxy resin floor is completed, it must be completely dry before use. Before the drying period, no heavy objects should be placed on the epoxy resin floor, so as not to affect the decorative effect of the epoxy resin floor. Do not pour water or other solvents on the epoxy resin floor, so as not to extend the drying time of the floor.

2. When entering the epoxy resin floor in the industrial area, it is best to wear soft-soled shoes to clean the sand and other hard objects on the sole to reduce the wear of the sole on the floor.

3. When moving objects on the epoxy floor, it is best to handle them carefully to avoid damage to the epoxy floor by the corners of the objects. For iron tables, chairs and shelves, their feet should be wrapped in soft rubber or plastic.


4. The speed of the epoxy resin floor should not be too fast, so as to avoid greater friction during braking, which makes it difficult to remove the stains on the epoxy resin floor and affect the aesthetics of the epoxy resin floor.

5. Epoxy resin floors can be cleaned with special floor cleaners in daily cleaning. It should be noted that the cleaning agent should be neutral to avoid corrosion of the epoxy floor.

After cleaning the ground dirt with neutral detergent, it must be rinsed once with clean water. Pay attention to check whether there is water on the floor, so as not to affect the service life of epoxy resin.

6. During the use and maintenance of epoxy resin floor, pay attention to regular waxing treatment. Wax wax or emulsified water wax can be used for waxing treatment. Before waxing, clean the floor and wipe off water stains. The main function of the waxing treatment is to improve the wear resistance and scratch resistance of the epoxy resin floor and ensure the aesthetic appearance of the epoxy resin floor.


Epoxy floor

The above six points are the best maintenance methods in the use of epoxy resin floors. Only proper maintenance of the epoxy resin floor can extend its service life and better play its practical value.

Everything has two sides, especially epoxy flooring. If you put it down, it will damage the floor more easily. If the epoxy resin floor is well maintained, it can better play its performance characteristics and make the floor always new.