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The Price Index Of Edible Salt (supermarket) Fell Slightly In 2019-2020.2

May 09, 2020

      According to reports, the overall price of edible salt in March remained stable. In terms of cities, the average price of edible salt in supermarkets in Hefei, Harbin and Xi'an increased from last month, while the average price of edible salt in supermarkets in Beijing, Shanghai, Hohhot, Chongqing and Zhengzhou fell from last month. Among them, the main reason for the increase in the price of edible salt in Xi’an supermarkets this month is that the local sales of low-priced salt originating in Hubei have been affected by the epidemic. The supply of edible salt has been reduced. The price of sales of table salt has risen. 

       Xinhua China Salt Edible Salt (Supermarket) Price Index is jointly compiled and released by China Economic Information Service and China Salt Industry Group Co., Ltd., aiming to objectively reflect the sales price trend of edible salt terminals in Chinese supermarket channels, and provide pricing reference and decision-making for the market stand by. The index uses January 2018 as the base period and a base point of 1,000 points. It focuses on collecting the price and sales data of edible salt in large domestic supermarket chains in major cities.