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The Role Of Colored Sand Epoxy Floor Paint

Jun 27, 2020

Industry news: Color sand floor paint coating and self-leveling epoxy floor coating are both resin floors based on epoxy resin. However, the construction techniques of these two floor coatings are different. The color sand floor coating is wet solid construction, and the sand spreader and trowel need to stop compaction and leveling. The self-leveling floor paint coating is liquid construction, just scrape it with a rake or bun knife. The decorative effect of colored sand epoxy floor coating is better than self-leveling epoxy floor coating.

      Sand epoxy floor paint is a new type of seamless composite decorative floor composed of colored quartz sand and epoxy resin. After one or more different colors of colored quartz sand, it is freely matched to form a rich and colorful decorative color And the pattern has the advantages of elegant decorative texture, wear resistance, heavy pressure resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, anti-skid, fire prevention, waterproof and so on. This type of floor coating is not only suitable for industrial air, but also for commercial and civil building air. In recent years, it has been very popular in prosperous countries such as Europe and the United States. It is known as "colour sand seamless hard carpet" (colour sand seamless hard carpet).

      (1) Performance characteristics The colored sand epoxy floor coating uses solvent-free transparent epoxy resin and is not doped with powdered fillers or pigments to maintain the excellent chemical and physical properties of the epoxy resin; while the granular colored quartz sand is not only Give the floor beautiful decorative performance, and ensure the floor's high pressure resistance and high wear resistance, the coating has the following characteristics:

      ①The color is rich, the texture is full, and it is rich in modern decoration style; ②The whole is seamless in the air, and the patterns can be manufactured according to the needs, and integrated with the air, elegant and luxurious; ③The quartz sand is round, with scratch resistance, heavy pressure, Excellent performance such as impact resistance; ④High strength, high hardness, and excellent wear resistance; ⑤Clean and dustproof, its watertight appearance can withstand high pressure washing or steam cleaning, easy to clean and maintain; ⑥It has outstanding anti-skid function and excellent Chemical properties such as water resistance, water resistance, acid and alkali resistance; ⑦ Long service life; ⑧ No radioactive pollution, no harmful gas release.

      (2) Scope of application The decorative function and application function of color sand epoxy floor paint are better than self-leveling epoxy floor paint, so its application range is more common, except for the application on the floor of industrial plants and warehouses. In addition, this coating is more suitable for commercial and civil buildings