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The Trace Of Bricks And Tiles In Rural Houses Is Difficult To Find, And Resin Tiles Have Been Completely Replaced. Why

May 28, 2020

Resin tiles are used more in rural areas in many places. Resin tiles are different from brick tiles. In our rural areas in the 1980s and 1990s, rural houses were basically made of bricks and tiles. At that time, the bricks and tiles were also fired through layers of processes like bricks. Bricks and tiles are relatively heavy, but they were very economical and applicable in the previous era. Now, in 2020, many rural areas have used resin tiles for the reconstruction of dilapidated houses or new houses. What is the good thing about resin tiles?


In our rural areas in Guangxi, we can basically apply for a subsidy for building a new house now, and there are subsidies for dilapidated houses. Basically, bricks and tiles from the previous era are rarely used in our rural areas, and resin tiles are basically used. Resin tile is made of some highly weather-resistant materials. It is exposed to ultraviolet rays, heat, cold and rain for a long time, but it can still maintain the material stability and appearance of the resin tile itself.


Resin tiles also have better corrosion resistance, especially in some rural areas where environmental pollution is more serious. If acid rain is usually present, resin tiles are still more practical.

Source :http://www.up-resin.com/