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There Are Also Different Requirements For Epoxy Resin And Curing Agents, Modifiers, Fillers, Diluents And Other Additives

Aug 01, 2020

Due to the different performance requirements of applications, there are also different requirements for additives such as epoxy resin and curing agents, modifiers, fillers, diluents, and so on. The selection methods are now briefly introduced below:

(1) Product features.

1. Environmental protection and pollution-free: it can be melted at a lower temperature, with uniform fluidity, and no pollution to the human body or the environment.

2. High dielectric strength, good insulation performance, lower the working temperature of the original device, thereby extending the service life of the product.

3. It has good thermal conductivity, heat dissipation, high temperature resistance, low temperature, and excellent thermal stability, so the sensitivity to high temperature is greatly reduced.

4. Prevent aging: the product is not easy to aging after potting and curing, avoiding the aging and cracking of other similar products.

5. Good airtightness: its excellent airtightness reduces vibration and noise of electronic products.

6, Waterproof, moisture-proof and moisture-proof: The electronic components after coating or potting have excellent moisture-proof, waterproof, dust-proof, anti-corrosion, ozone resistance, weather resistance and other aspects.

(2) Choice of products.

Choose from the mechanical strength.

Resins with too high epoxy value have greater strength, but are more brittle. The strength of medium epoxy value is good at both high and low temperatures, and the resin with low epoxy value has poorer strength at high temperature, because the strength is related to the degree of crosslinking. A high oxygen value has a high degree of crosslinking after curing, and a low epoxy value has a low degree of crosslinking after curing, which causes a difference in strength.

Choose from the operating requirements.

There is no need for high temperature resistance, and little strength is required. It is hoped that the epoxy resin can dry quickly and is not easy to lose. You can choose a resin with a lower epoxy value. If you want permeability and better strength, you can choose a higher epoxy value Resin