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Three Methods To Teach You To Choose Epoxy Resin

Jul 09, 2020

How much do you know about epoxy resins? As we all know, this material is generally used at the same time with the curing agent to obtain application value. Due to the different performance requirements, there are different requirements for it and the curing agent. How do you choose this resin?

The following will introduce the operation requirements, uses and mechanical strength in three aspects, as follows:

1. Operation requirements

No high temperature resistance is required, and the strength requirement is not large. I hope that the epoxy resin will dry quickly and not easy to run off. You can choose a resin with a lower epoxy value; if you want permeability, better strength, you can choose a higher epoxy value Of resin.

Epoxy resin

2. Purpose

When epoxy resin is used as an adhesive, resin with medium epoxy value (0.25-0.45), resin E-44; for castable, resin with high epoxy value (>0.40), such as oxygen resin E-44 , E-44V; Generally, resins with low epoxy value (<0.25), such as resins E-20 and E-12, are used for coating.

3. Mechanical strength

A resin with an excessively high epoxy value has a high strength but is brittle; a medium epoxy value has good strength at high and low temperatures; a low epoxy value has poor strength at high temperatures. Because the strength is related to the size of the crosslinking degree, the epoxy value is high and the crosslinking degree is high after curing, and the epoxy value is low and the crosslinking degree is low after curing, so a difference in strength is caused.

The above is the three-point method for selecting epoxy resin introduced by epoxy resin manufacturers for everyone. Are you clear? It is recommended that you choose the one that suits you and don’t blindly follow the crowd. If you want to know more details, you can pay more attention to the website dynamics, and you are always welcome to visit and purchase.