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Three Physical Properties Of Epoxy Resin

Jul 04, 2020

In fact,  epoxy resin is an organic compound, which has good physical and chemical properties after curing, and it has excellent adhesion strength to the surface of metal and non-metal materials. Is everyone clear about the physical properties of the material? Is it not clear? Next, Kangyu New Materials, an epoxy resin manufacturer, will take you to take a look below.

   1. Use acidic resin and carboxyl group to open the epoxy ring, and then react with isocyanate in polyurethane adhesive. It is also possible to dissolve the epoxy resin in ethyl acetate, add phosphoric acid to warm the reaction, and add its adduct to the polyurethane adhesive.

  The initial viscosity of the glue; heat resistance and hydrolytic stability can be improved. Alcohol amines or amines can also be used to form polyols. The presence of tertiary nitrogen atoms in the adduct can accelerate the NCO reaction.

   2. Jinan epoxy resin has secondary hydroxyl group and epoxy group, and the secondary hydroxyl group can react with isocyanate. Epoxy resin as a polyol is directly added to the hydroxyl-containing component of the polyurethane adhesive.

   3. The use of epoxy resin as a polyhydroxy component combines the advantages of polyurethane and epoxy resin, and has better bonding strength and chemical resistance.