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Tips For Safe Maintenance Of Epoxy Resin Curing Agent

Jul 04, 2020

At present, epoxy resin is very concerned in our daily life. With the continuous promotion of its application range, more and more people choose Shandong epoxy resin curing agent. How much do you know about it? Do you know any safe maintenance tips for this material? Is it not clear? Next, following the epoxy resin manufacturers will briefly analyze for everyone below, hoping to help everyone.

1. Use specifications, loading and unloading protection, storage fire protection, high temperature protection, use gloves with handling, employees do not smoke.

2. Strengthen labor protection, adopt protective gloves, clothing and other methods, try to avoid contact of the curing agent with the skin.

3. Improve the operating environment and consciously separate the operating area from the non-operating area; automate and seal as much as possible; install ventilation facilities, etc.

4. Wash exposed skin such as hands and face in time. If the organs such as eyes and throat are damaged, please consult a doctor.

Epoxy resin curing agent

5. Replace non-toxic curing agents with non-toxic or low-toxic curing agents.

6. Static electricity

Static electricity has its particularity. When strengthening prevention, you should correctly understand the "temper" of static electricity. There are four conditions for static electricity to cause fire or explosion:

(1) The electrostatic discharge spark energy reaches the minimum point energy of the explosive mixture. Epoxy resin manufacturers said that these four conditions are indispensable for fire and explosion.

(2) An explosive mixture exists in the space.

(3) The accumulation of static electricity reaches or exceeds a considerable degree, causing the local electric field between the media to be broken down;

(4) There are process conditions and operation processes that generate static electricity.

Therefore, it is necessary to eliminate the explosion hazard of the surrounding environment; usually improve the ventilation conditions to reduce the concentration of the explosive mixture, or fill the inert gas to reduce the oxygen content; at the same time, explosion-proof measures should be adopted, and non-combustible media should be used to replace the combustible media. This is an indirect precaution.

7. The materials can be appropriately selected, the manufacturing process equipment can be reformed, and the friction speed or relative movement speed of the production tools can be reduced to eliminate impurities and additional static electricity, etc., to suppress the generation of static electricity. This is a direct measure to prevent fire accidents caused by static electricity.

Epoxy resin curing agent

8. It is necessary to set up sufficient water sources in the storage area. If any packaging leakage is found, it should be cleaned and replaced in time, and the leakage liquid should be washed with water.

9. Store in a cool and ventilated place. Methyl ethyl ketone peroxide will produce a certain amount of gas during storage. If the vent hole of the bucket is found to block the bucket and there is expansion, you should immediately unscrew the lid to release the gas.

10. Arrange a person to manage methyl ethyl ketone peroxide (curing agent). It belongs to dangerous goods, please store and transport it properly; and do measures such as prohibiting fire and avoiding direct sunlight. Employees must popularize relevant safety knowledge before use.