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Types And Application Fields Of Super Sharp Safety Glass Resin

Jun 16, 2020

       "Xiamen Chaorui New Material Technology Co., Ltd. (formerly registered as Xiamen Chaorui Technology Co., Ltd.)" introduced the most advanced laminating formula and polymer synthesis technology of the US SAOSA to the Chinese market. The "US SAOSA International Enterprise" in Los Angeles, California, A wholly-owned company "Xiamen Chaorui New Material Technology Co., Ltd." was established in Xiamen, China in 2001. Over the years, it has produced internationally-qualified "laminated glass multifunctional energy-saving film" series products, mainly including: laminated glass glue, laminated glue, laminated glass glue, etc. The products are widely used in construction, electronics, military, aviation and other industries field.

   "Super sharp new material technology company" has obtained a number of national invention patents and utility model technology patents, was named "national high-tech enterprises." "Super sharp new material technology" with the strong technical research and development strength of SAOSA in the United States, taking advantage of these non-reproducible technical advantages, 100% using pure resin raw materials, without recycling materials (or waste), filled the domestic lamination and bulletproof resin domestic blank. After more than ten years of development, the two brands of "Super Sharp New Material Technology": "Super Sharp" and "SAOSA" have become well-known trademarks in the industry, and "SAOSA" has become a well-known international laminating brand.

       As the leading brand of laminated glass functional film, "Super Sharp" is the product that China has obtained the European CE standard certification for 10 consecutive years. The product series has passed EN 356, EN ISO 12543-4, EN 12600, EN 1063 and other majors. Testing, this series of testing data is one of the most stringent international standards, and the radiation test data in the aging-resistant project is 20 times the national standard (GB15763.3-2009), that is, the aging-resistant performance under the simulated outdoor natural environment can be Provide customers with up to 50 years of protection.

  EN ISO 12543-4 certification: 50 years of aging

  EN 1063 certification: bulletproof

  EN 12600 certification: surface impact

  EN 356 certification: steel ball strike

  SGS certification: non-toxic, environmental protection

  * Passed the national standard GB15763.3-2009 test of "National Safety Glass Quality Supervision and Inspection Center"

  * Laminated brand that has obtained the "European CE" standard certification

  * World famous brand in laminated glass industry

  * Laminated brand exported to developed countries in Europe and America

  * The quality of the glue is underwritten by "China Ping An Property Insurance Company"