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Unsaturated Polyester Resin Introduction And Classification

Jan 23, 2018

First, unsaturated polyester resin Description:

Unsaturated polyester resin is a thermosetting resin, which can be cured into an insoluble and insoluble polymer network polymer under the action of heat or initiator. However, the mechanical strength of this polymer is so low that it can not meet the requirements of most applications. When it is reinforced with glass fiber, it can become a composite material, commonly known as "FRP". "FRP" mechanical strength and other aspects of performance compared with the resin casting has been greatly improved.

FRP based on unsaturated resin resin has the following characteristics:

1, good corrosion resistance

It is a kind of good corrosion resistant material. It is resistant to acids, alkalis, salts, most organic solvents, seawater, air and oil in general concentration. It is also very resistant to microorganisms and is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, pesticide , Medicine, dye, electroplating, electrolysis, metallurgy, light industry and other fields of national economy, playing a role that other materials can not replace.


2, light and strong

Density of 1.4-2.2g / cm3, 4-5 times lighter than steel, but its strength is not small, its strength over the steel, aluminum and fir. This is of great significance to those products that need to reduce their weight, such as aviation, spaceflight, rockets, missiles, ordnance and transportation. For example, the Boeing 747 jet used in the main structure of the FRP components up to 2.2 tons, effectively saving the aircraft fuel, increased speed, extended battery life and increased payload.


3, the unique thermal performance

Thermal conductivity of 0.3-0.4Kcal / mh ℃, only the metal 1 / 100-1 / 1000, is an excellent thermal insulation materials, with its doors and windows made of the fifth generation of new energy-saving building materials. In addition, FRP linear expansion coefficient is also very small, close to the general metal materials, so FRP and metal connections will not be thermal expansion stress, is conducive to the metal substrate or concrete structure bonding.


4, excellent processing performance

Processing process performance, process is simple, can be a molding, both at normal temperature and pressure molding, but also heating curing pressure, and in the curing process without the formation of low molecular weight by-products, can produce a more uniform product. Because of its excellent process performance, in recent years has been widely used in the production of handicrafts, imitation marble products, polyester lacquer and other non-glass fiber reinforced materials.


5, excellent electrical properties

Insulation performance is excellent, under the action of high frequency can still maintain good dielectric properties. It does not reflect the radio waves, free from electromagnetic effects, good microwave transmission, is the ideal material for radomes. Use it to manufacture instruments, motors, electrical products in the insulating parts can improve the service life and reliability of electrical appliances.


6, the design of the material is good

UPR is based on the matrix to the glass fiber reinforced composite materials, both through one-time processing into the final shape of the products. Therefore, FRP is not just a material, but also a structure. The so-called designability includes two aspects:

(1) Functional Design: By selecting the appropriate UPR and glass fiber can be made with a variety of special functions of the FRP products, such as: can be made of corrosion-resistant products; can be made of instantaneous high temperature products can be made of light Plate; can be made of fire-retardant products can be made of UV-resistant products ......

(2) Structural Design: It is possible to design various product structures flexibly according to the requirements, such as FRP doors and windows, FRP grille, FRP pipe, FRP tank, FRP tank and so on.


Second, unsaturated polyester resin Category:

1, according to the structure of unsaturated polyester resin can be divided into ortho-benzene, m-benzene, benzene, bisphenol A type, vinyl ester type;

2, according to its performance can be divided into general-purpose type, anti-corrosion type, self-extinguishing type, heat-resistant type, low shrinkage type;

3, According to its main purpose can be divided into FRP resin and non-FRP resin two categories, the so-called glass fiber reinforced plastic products are made of glass fiber and its products made of various products, also known as glass Fiber reinforced plastics (referred to as FRP or FRP); non-FRP products are resin and inorganic filler mixed or their own use of a variety of products made of a separate, also known as non-reinforced glass steel products.

4, according to the specific varieties include: winding resin, injection resin, RTM (short for transfer molding), pultruded resin, SMC (sheet molding compound), BMC , Food-grade resin, anti-corrosion resin, air-dry resin, Polaroid resin, handicraft resin, button resin, agate resin, artificial stone resin, high transparent resin crystal resin, As FRP surface decoration anti-aging fire-retardant plastic clothing, heat-resistant plastic clothing, spray gel coat, mold gel coat, crack gel coat, radiation-cured gel coat, high wear-resistant gel coat and so on.