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Unsaturated Resin Coating

May 26, 2020

Unsaturated resin coating is a thermosetting plastic. Unsaturated resin coating products have the advantages of high strength, small specific gravity, corrosion resistance, good insulation performance and can be processed and shaped at normal temperature and pressure, and are widely used in industrial production. Unsaturated polyester resin is a kind of solvent-free paint. Its paint film is hard and bright, impermeable to paint, aging-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and high (low) temperature resistant. It is generally used to paint sewing machine tables, televisions and radio housings. , Piano shell and various wooden furniture paints.

Unsaturated resin coating classification

1. Anaerobic unsaturated resin coating paint

Composition: The paint consists of 4 components. The first component is the unsaturated resin coating and reactive diluent, the second component is the initiator (cyclohexanone peroxide), the third component is the accelerator (cobalt naphthenate), and the fourth component is the wax liquid, which is mainly used for Wood lacquer.

Performance and use: The paint film is thick and solvent-free. The paint film is full and bright, with high hardness, and has heat resistance, cold resistance, wear resistance and solvent resistance. It is mainly used as decorative protective coating for piano, wooden furniture, instrument wooden shell, sewing machine table and other wooden products.

Construction and supporting requirements: The paint is divided into four cans, the use ratio is: polyester paint l00g; initiator cyclohexanone peroxide (white water) 4 ~ 6g; accelerator cobalt naphthenate 2 ~ 3g (blue water) ; Wax liquid 1 ~ 2g; Active diluent styrene 10 ~ 30g to adjust the construction viscosity, which can change with the viscosity of the original paint and the temperature. The four components are mixed and fully mixed before construction, which can be sprayed or roller coated. The coating film needs to be dry and solidified under the condition of air isolation. If wax liquid is not used, it can be covered with polyester film or glass. After completely cured, the film or glass can be removed to obtain a smooth and smooth coating film. It is usually dominated by wax seals. Polyester film is often used for oxygen isolation on stickers or plastic flat plates. After the resin has dried, the wax-sealed membrane surface needs to be polished.

2. Air-drying unsaturated polyester paint

This type of air-drying unsaturated polyester paint has a corresponding matching primer and matching topcoat, because the matching of the bottom layer of the unsaturated polyester paint has its special requirements.

Advantages and disadvantages of unsaturated resin coatings

Advantages of unsaturated resin coatings:

1. It has good hardness and can reach more than 3H.

2. The topcoat can make a very high gloss.

3. Good wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and good heat resistance.

4. The fullness is very high.

Disadvantages of unsaturated resin coatings:

1. The operability is more complicated. The curing effect can only be achieved by adding initiators and accelerators. The amount of initiator and accelerator added depends on the temperature and humidity changes. Furthermore, the initiator and accelerator cannot be transferred into the paint at the same time, otherwise it may cause fire and explosion. There are strict requirements when mixing paint.

2. The active period of the adjusted paint is very short, and the adjusted paint must be used up within 25 minutes.

3. Unsaturated resin coatings currently only have bright products, but no matt products.

Unsaturated resin coating application

The resin has high transparency, can form bright, clean, and relatively full coating. The coating has good water resistance, wear resistance, solvent resistance, chemical resistance and other properties. In addition, the method of curing film formation is more convenient, it can be cured at room temperature. It is a mixture of an unsaturated monomer, cured in the presence of an initiator and an accelerator at room temperature to form a film. The unsaturated monomer here plays the dual role of film-forming material and solvent at the same time. Unsaturated resin paint is called solvent-free paint. Unsaturated resins can also be added with photoinitiators to initiate curing under the action of Guan. The application of this curing method can make unsaturated polyester paint used for large-area construction of wood. Unsaturated polyester can also be applied to a new type of coating curing process recently developed-electron beam curing, which is characterized by the fact that the paint film can be cured immediately in only a few seconds at normal temperature, so it can be coated at high speed , Has now been used in the laminate and fiber industry. In short, unsaturated resin coatings have a wide range of practicality, and are widely used in putty and varnish finishes for wood coatings, automotive coatings, etc