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Unsaturated Resin Factory Teaches You How To Distinguish The Quality Of Resin

Jun 20, 2020

As the range and use of unsaturated resins are becoming more and more extensive, resin manufacturers are increasing as the market grows, and the quality of unsaturated resins varies with manufacturers. How should the merchants who buy resin distinguish the quality of unsaturated resin? Now, the specialist of Kebao Huayu Resin will tell you:

 First of all, you need to be clear what products you want to use resins. The products have high and strict requirements on resins, because there are many types of unsaturated resins, different products are made, then the required resins are also different. Generally speaking Resins can be divided into the following categories: handicraft resins, artificial marble resins, quartz stone resins, coating resins, vinyl resins, etc. In the first step, you must choose the resin type you need.

                                             Unsaturated resin

Secondly, after selecting the correct resin type, you can observe the color of the resin. Generally, the good resin color is transparent and bright, while the poor resin color is more turbid.

 Finally, it is necessary to observe the production time of the resin to prevent the purchase of expired resin, which will affect the subsequent production. It is best to ask the producer for a quality inspection report to ensure the quality of the product