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Unsaturated Resin Is Widely Used

Jun 19, 2020

With the continuous strengthening of infrastructure construction and the continuous improvement of the consumer field, the downstream application fields of unsaturated polyester resin in my country are also expanding. According to Kebao Information, unsaturated resins have developed rapidly abroad in recent years due to their excellent mechanical properties and chemical resistance. They are widely used in industries, agriculture, and transportation. They mainly include cooling towers, ships, doors and windows. , Cabinets, artificial stone, etc.

Cobb Information understands that after the Second World War, the US Navy used glass fiber reinforced plastics for the manufacture of small boats, and later introduced it to various countries, and then began the development and application of fiberglass composite materials in the shipping industry. At present, the shells of FRP fishing boats are basically using hand lay-up and injection molding resin processes. There are many types of unsaturated resins. Different resins are used according to different parts of the hull, such as: wear-resistant resin, impermeable floor-type resin, corrosion resistance Resin etc.

Recently, FRP fishing boats have been widely used in fisheries. Many fishermen said that FRP fishing boats are safe, fast, excellent in wind resistance, corrosion resistance and high-quality thermal insulation performance, which make up for the various shortcomings of previous wooden fishing boats. use.

Neweco Information Analysis believes that the widespread promotion and use of FRP fishing boats has also been increasingly valued for their safety and quality. At present, private unsaturated resin enterprises in China account for a large proportion of 2/3. Many small and medium-sized resin manufacturers are driven by interests and choose low-content, unqualified raw materials for production. Under the temptation of low prices, downstream glass fiber reinforced plastic factories also use a large amount of poor quality resin materials in the manufacturing process, which is the main reason for the short service life of glass fiber reinforced plastic fishing boats. Therefore, in view of the design, process, and special products of FRP fishing boats, relevant departments have issued policies to optimize standardized ship types and formulate process standards to promote the healthy development of my country's FRP fishing boat industry