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Unsaturated Resin: Raw Materials Change Face Resin Market Is Staring Dryly

Jun 06, 2020

The electronic disk fell! Black is plunging! Commodity trays have another product limit, styrene, ethylene glycol, and diethylene glycol have moved downwards. As of 3 o'clock on the 15th, styrene sells at 9750 yuan/ton, ethylene glycol 5950 yuan/ton, diethylene glycol 6050 Yuan/ton, compared with last week's high point, it is really rising fast and falling fast. For a time, the operating sentiment of the industry weakened, which increased the wait-and-see mood of the unsaturated resin market.

Under the influence of environmental protection inspection, the starting of raw material factories is also low, and the spot supply on the market is tight, and some unsaturated resin factories are forced to reduce their production and even shut down due to this pressure. Among them, maleic anhydride and phthalic anhydride are the most in short supply.

Maleic anhydride, the current mainstream market negotiations are around 7400-7700 yuan / ton, the supply side is tight, the market has fewer supply sources, and good use continues to stimulate the seller's market, and traders and factory shipments are still high. Phthalic anhydride, under the influence of environmental protection, there are fewer production plants, and more sales are oversold. It is now oversold and has been sold out. At present, East China's naphthalene phthalic anhydride is 8600 yuan/ton, which greatly exceeds the price of maleic anhydride. For the above two materials, currently unsaturated resin factories can only be purchased through orders, and the quantity is limited, resulting in the suspension of production of unsaturated resin factory equipment due to lack of raw materials.

The supply side of dicyclopentadiene is still tight. Among them, the supply of goods in the northeast region is the most tight. At present, the mainstream transaction price in the northeast region has risen to 5100 yuan/ton, which is sold to Shandong, Hebei and the local area. The overall supply is tight, and the price is relatively strong, prompting the double-ring resin to ship better, and the high-priced goods are sold well.

In the unsaturated resin market, the price of East China and North China has basically been adjusted. However, the price adjustment mechanism in South China and Northeast China is relatively slow, and it is still in the upswing phase recently. However, according to the monitoring data of Zhongyu Information, the prices of raw materials such as styrene and diethylene glycol have a long market outlook, and it is recommended that the industry purchase raw materials on demand.