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Uses And Characteristics Of Glass Fiber Yarn

Jul 24, 2020

Glass fiber yarn has the following characteristics: 1. Good electrical insulation and high temperature resistance. 2. High tensile strength, good heat resistance and corrosion resistance. 3. Non-combustibility, good chemical stability. Therefore, the application range is very wide. The glass fiber yarn is mainly used as electrical insulation materials, industrial filter materials, anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, heat insulation, sound insulation, shock absorption materials, and can also be used as reinforcing materials. It is more widely used than other types of fibers. It is used to make reinforced plastics, glass fiber yarn or reinforced rubber, reinforced plaster and reinforced cement. The glass fiber yarn is coated with glass fiber with organic material to improve its flexibility and used to make packaging Cloth, window screening, wall covering, covering cloth, protective clothing and insulation and sound insulation materials.

Glass fiber yarn

According to its use and performance characteristics, it can be divided into: untwisted roving, untwisted roving fabric (checkered cloth), glass fiber mat, chopped strand and ground fiber, glass fiber fabric, combined glass fiber reinforced material, glass fiber wet method felt