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Using Synthetic Resin New Materials Chaotianmen Yangtze River Bridge Track Sleepers Become Lighter

Mar 09, 2019

According to the person in charge of the construction project of the China Railway 25th Bureau, because the Chaotianmen Yangtze River Bridge is a steel truss beam structure, the reserved channel for the ring line is the Mingqiao surface, and the linear accuracy of the track is extremely high. In order to make the sleeper and the beam structure completely fit, the track is ensured to be smooth and smooth. After repeated demonstration by experts, it is determined that the synthetic resin sleeper is used. The sleeper is harder, lighter and easier to maintain than the traditional wooden sleeper sleeper.

According to reports, the synthetic resin sleeper used in the Chaotianmen Yangtze River Bridge is foamed with glass fiber and modified urethane resin. In terms of material, the density is one-third of that of concrete sleepers, and the waterproof effect is better than that of wooden pillows, and the service life is longer. In terms of installation, because of its light weight, it is easy to process and groove, and it can effectively match the bridge. In terms of post-maintenance, the sleepers are connected by means of hook bolts and other components, so that the sleepers and the bridges become integral, and the bridges are repaired and replaced in the later stage, which will not affect the normal operation of the subway.

In addition, unlike traditional sleepers, each synthetic resin sleeper has a unique "identity code", which is accurately measured beforehand to determine various data indicators, and then accurately processed. Therefore, the cost is higher than that of the traditional wooden pillow. The cost of a wooden pillow is about 200 yuan, and the cost of a synthetic resin sleeper is about 4,000 yuan.

The Chongqing Chaotianmen Yangtze River Bridge is a medium-sized super large arch bridge with a main span of 552 meters. According to statistics, the bridge will use about 4,000 synthetic resin sleepers. After the track is short-tracked, it will soon enter the construction phase of welding, power, and signal.