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Vinyl Resin 907 Structure Introduction

Jun 10, 2020

First: simple construction and save manpower.

Second: abrasion resistance and resistance to scratches.

Third: good repairability, after a few years of use, only a simple repair is needed for the damaged place

Fourth: water resistance, salt water resistance, oil resistance, alkali resistance and a certain degree of acid resistance.

Fifth: good integrity, simple and convenient ingredients.

Sixth: It is not easy to spread and can avoid corrosion.

【Vinyl Resin 907 Structure】

Vinyl ester resin has the superior physical properties of epoxy resin and the rapid hardening of unsaturated polyester, easy and convenient processability;

2. Excellent chemical resistance, it can resist the corrosion of most salt, acid and alkali chemical reagents below 1000℃;

3. It is especially suitable for working surfaces and workplaces with heavy anti-corrosion requirements, such as strong acid and sewage drainage trenches in alkali tanks;

4. Excellent mechanical properties, toughness and fatigue resistance