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Vinyl Resin Derivative--vinyl Polyester Resin

Jul 27, 2020

In order to meet the needs of the market and maximize the use of resources, the compounders have derived vinyl polyester resins through research on the varieties of vinyl resins. The emergence of this kind of high-performance purchase has given all walks of life a choice. .

At present, vinyl resin has been successfully used in anti-corrosion occasions, including corrosion-resistant FRP production, anti-corrosion engineering, etc., due to its good corrosion resistance and improved process characteristics. However, it has high performance in some non-corrosion-resistant occasions. When making composite materials requiring mechanical properties, at present domestic and foreign customers can only choose epoxy vinyl resin, which actually causes waste in resin application or design. Therefore, some domestic and foreign manufacturers are trying to find a way to maintain vinyl resin. A new type of material with mechanical properties and reasonable cost. Through new research and development, a new type of high-performance unsaturated resin was introduced in time, called vinyl polyester resin, English name is vinyl polyester resin, domestic abbreviation "VPR", this resin is integrated The characteristics of vinyl ester resins and general-purpose unsaturated resins give users more choices.

Vinyl resin 8200.png

VPR vinyl polyester resin is an unsaturated polyester resin with a special structure that is dissolved in styrene liquid and contains unsaturated double bonds. VPR vinyl polyester resin has better corrosion resistance and is better than isophthalic unsaturated The mechanical properties of the resin are equivalent to those of standard epoxy vinyl resins, especially fatigue resistance and dynamic load performance. In addition, VPR vinyl polyester resin has good weather resistance, and VPR vinyl polyester The resin also has good glass fiber wetting performance and process performance, and is suitable for various FRP molding processes, including fiber winding, pultrusion, hand lay-up, spraying and other composite materials.

 Due to the unique properties and relatively reasonable cost of VPR vinyl polyester resin, this new material has a wide range of application prospects:

①FRP reinforcement in concrete;

②Structural materials in ship products;

③Structural layer materials in the production of large-scale FRP products, especially in the overall on-site production of large tanks instead of conventional vinyl resin structure layers;

④Fatigue-resistant FRP pultruded profiles, such as sports FRP horizontal bars.