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Vinyl Resin In The Field Of Application Of The Field

Jan 22, 2018

Vinyl resin is a thermosetting liquid resin, both excellent mechanical properties of epoxy resin and unsaturated polyester resin, easy processing, fast hardening, and vinyl corrosion resin in the performance of the far superior to the epoxy resin And unsaturated resin.

Vinyl resin characteristics:

Vinyl resin is an internationally recognized high-strength corrosion-resistant resin with excellent acid, alkali, salt and other media properties. Has a good infiltration of glass fiber and technology Yu-high elongation and good toughness.

Applications: Widely used in anti-corrosion, electronics, ships, automobiles, pipelines, military, sports equipment and papermaking desulfurization and other industries.

1, most of the tank type syrup storage tank has been standardized volume of 100M3 before and after the very popular, there are 500M3-2500M3 examples

Reaction tank, electrolytic tank, electroplating tank, degreasing tank, neutralization tank, separation tank, food tank, hot water tank

2, Tower general tower are in the implementation of distillation, absorption, reaction, extraction separation operation, but most of the FRP tower system used in the absorption of products, reaction mixing project, in these projects adsorption, absorption, reaction, Wash, storm, dehydration, cooling and other operations

3, Piping Equipment, pipe fittings, joints and seams, seawater desalination plants, etc., are also used in large-diameter pipes of 3000MM-40000MM. They are mainly used for process piping, water supply and drainage piping, water purification piping, hot spring Plumbing, plumbing for generation of geothermal power and generation of geothermal power, drainage pipe for sewage, pipe for sewer for farming.

4, Conduit Pipe, pipe, duct, exhaust chimney Exhaust chimney, including chimney liner and full FRP chimney (60 meters in height)

5, mechanical class used in a single machine operation class corrosion resistance FRP as follows: a, integrated device: centrifugal integrator, wet electrostatic precipitator, dust separator, scrubber. b, filter separator: FILTER PRESS, THICKENER. c, fluid transport: Bangpu, PUMP BARREL, BLOWER, Bangpu fan, DAMPER, BULB.d, transport machinery: barrel tank, transport tank tank, transport tank.


Although the top cover is not the main body of the device, it is used to cover and protect the equipment, environment protection, energy saving and other purposes. The top cover, the fume hood, the shell, the cover, the cover and the various covers are all covered.

7, Other public facilities, civil construction materials that require corrosion resistance, ladders, railings, handrails, lattice panels, stakes, etc.