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Vinyl Resin Is Mainly Used In Anti-corrosion

Jun 15, 2020

Vinyl resin is an internationally recognized highly corrosion-resistant resin, which has been widely used in ships, yachts and other industries, and its performance has also been confirmed by many parties. With the continuous progress of people's research, vinyl resins have been continuously expanded in application fields, and emerging application fields have also emerged. Wind power blades and oil tank corrosion protection have broad prospects as two newly emerging vinyl resin applications. It has to be applied to wind power blades. Many industry experts pointed out that gradually replacing the currently widely used epoxy resin with more cost-effective vinyl resin will become the future development trend of wind power blades.

Vinyl vinegar resin glass fiber reinforced plastic and its glass flake resin coating have excellent high corrosion resistance, simple construction, and can completely solve the existing anticorrosion problems of petroleum storage tanks. At present, vinyl vinegar resin glass fiber reinforced plastic and vinyl vinegar glass flake resin coatings with high heat resistance, acid resistance and alkali resistance are generally used abroad to make anticorrosive coatings for petroleum storage tanks to solve the steel oil brought by high corrosive crude oil Anti-corrosion problem in storage tank. There are also domestic manufacturers that produce vinyl resins for anti-corrosion of oil tanks. The anti-corrosion effect is also very good. I believe that anti-corrosion of oil tanks will become a big market for vinyl resins in the future.

In the application of chemical anti-corrosion equipment, vinyl ester resin has good acid resistance and alkalinity. The side hydroxyl groups on the resin molecules have good adhesion and permeability to the glass fiber, so it provides good protection for the glass fiber and can give full play to its high strength performance, while avoiding the shortcomings of insufficient corrosion resistance, plus resin extension High rate, good toughness, reduced damage during transportation and installation, better application effect than other resins, can be used for manufacturing chemical storage tanks, pipes, containers, hoods, chimneys, absorption towers, scrubbers, etc., which are widely used. For example, a sulfur dioxide scrubber with a diameter of 4.17m and a height of 3.05m in a pulp mill is made of vinyl ester resin and can be used at 82°C for a long time. The smelter uses flame retardant vinyl ester resin to make a chimney with a diameter of 3.43m and a height of 122m. It is stacked with a 13.7m long fiber winding tube and installed in a cement chimney. It is still intact for 10 years without damage and cracks during installation. Products made with phenolic epoxy vinyl ester resin have good corrosion resistance, solvent resistance and high temperature resistance, and the equipment made with them has been used at high temperature (140°C) for more than 10 years. It is also widely used in industrial wastewater and tanks and pipelines containing hydrochloric acid contaminants. For example, the inner wall of a large corrosion-resistant trailer tank is made of this resin, and the outer wall is flame retardant resin. The effect is good.