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Vinyl Resin Manufacturers Analyze The Silicone Industry

Jun 18, 2020

 It has cost and market advantages. The main raw materials of silicone are metal silicon powder and methyl chloride. According to Changsha Kebao vinyl resin manufacturers, my country's silicone industry has important cost and resource advantages in these two important areas.

my country is the world's major producer of metallic silicon. At present, my country's production capacity is about 770,000 tons per year. Since 2000, the annual output of industrial silicon has reached more than 400,000 tons, accounting for about one-third of the total output of industrial silicon in the world, and the annual export volume has reached more than 300,000 tons. The huge domestic silicon metal production capacity and low market concentration are conducive to the development of my country's silicone industry. At present, the two major silicone producers Xin'an Co., Ltd. and Xingxin Materials have respectively built silicon metal production capacity above 50,000 tons in Sichuan and Lanzhou, and are further increasing their production capacity.

As for chloromethane, at present, domestic chloromethane resources are abundant and prices are stable. The two major silicone producers have basically achieved self-sufficiency of methylene chloride: Xinan Co., Ltd. has adopted a unique "organosilicon-glyphosate" co-production technology to achieve the recycling of chlorine resources; Chloromethane to meet the needs of silicone production.

The rapid development of the downstream industry drives the demand for silicone upstream products. The consumption of silicone monomers. Changsha Vinyl Resin Factory believes that it is mainly concentrated in the fields of silicone rubber and silicone oil. my country has the fastest growing organic silicon market in the world (in recent years, the demand growth rate has remained above 25%). At present, silicones are facing rapid development opportunities in the main application areas such as silicone rubber, silicone oil, silane coupling agent.

Silicone rubber: my country's demand for special rubber will continue to be strong. Silicone rubber has good biocompatibility, and can be processed into various profiles, hoses, rubber strips, rubber rollers, tapes and other products, which are mainly used in the fields of construction, automobiles, electronic appliances and medical beauty. At present, my country's annual output of various types of rubber is more than 2 million tons, of which the annual output of natural rubber is 550,000 to 600,000 tons, and the annual output of synthetic rubber is about 1.5 million tons. It is estimated that the consumption of synthetic rubber in my country will reach or exceed 2.5 million tons in 2005. Due to insufficient output, more than half of them need to rely on imports, especially high-quality, special rubber. It is expected that my country's rubber consumption will maintain a sustained growth momentum for a long period of time in the future.