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Vinyl Resin Scrubber System Is Widely Used

Jun 28, 2020

inyl resin is widely used in washing tower system. According to experts from the China Epoxy Resin Industry Association, Shangwei not only provides vinyl ester resins with excellent performance for domestic and foreign customers, but also chooses reasonable structural design and molding processes for customers according to different media and working conditions.

    The scrubber is one of the air pollution treatment equipment systems. It is widely used in the purification of acid and alkaline exhaust gas and the treatment of toxic and harmful gases. It can remove some particles or gases in the exhaust gas to achieve the role of dust removal and scrubbing. The washing tower can pressurize or suck the acid and alkali waste gas generated in the production process to the washing tower by the collection system (such as an exhaust fan). The huge contact area generated by the packing in the tower is used to make the waste gas and the packing in the tower The chemical liquid (washing liquid) flowing on the surface is fully contacted to adsorb the acidic or alkaline substances contained in the exhaust gas to achieve the purification effect of scrubbing gas. After washing, the waste liquid is collected into the absorption liquid tank, and then discharged to the waste water system for treatment. The remaining tail gas enters the demisting section and is discharged through the upper dewatering layer. It is used in waste gas treatment of various industrial manufacturing, such as fertilizer industry, electronics industry, PCB manufacturing, dye/pharmaceutical/chemical industry, LCO manufacturing, electroplating and metal processing, steel, semiconductor manufacturing, paper manufacturing, wastewater treatment plant dye manufacturing Wait. It mainly deals with corrosive acid/alkali gas, organic gas, etc. FRR is resistant to chemical corrosion (resistance to a variety of acids, alkalis, salts and organic solvents), has a long service life, light weight, high strength, anti-aging, and strong designability (different structural design and molding processes can be selected according to different working conditions of different media) In order to achieve the optimization of all aspects) and other remarkable performance characteristics, it has been used in corrosion resistance for more than 40 years.