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What Are The Advantages Of Epoxy Adhesive?

Jul 11, 2020

Epoxy adhesive is now widely used in industrial, automotive, electronics and other fields. It is a kind of adhesive with good performance and stable structure. It is because of its many advantages that it is popular and loved by everyone. Many fields are in Sealing, insulation, bonding and other work are inseparable from good quality epoxy glue, today let the editor of epoxy resin to introduce to you the advantages of epoxy glue:

   1. Strong adhesion

Epoxy adhesives have a variety of polar groups and highly active epoxy groups, so they have strong adhesion to various polar materials such as metals, cement, wood or plastics, especially materials with high surface activity. At the same time, the cohesive strength of the epoxy cured product is also very large, so its adhesion is very strong, suitable for some industrial and electronic operations;

   2. Good stability

  Epoxy adhesives hardly produce low molecular volatiles. The volume shrinkage of the adhesive layer is small, which is one of the varieties with a small curing shrinkage rate in thermosetting resins. After adding the filler, it will drop to lower, and the linear expansion coefficient of epoxy adhesive is also very small. Therefore, the internal stress is small, the influence of the bonding strength is reduced, and the creep of the epoxy cured product is small, so the dimensional stability of the adhesive layer is good;

   3. Strong compatibility

There are many types of epoxy adhesives. Through reasonable design and matching, the adhesive can be cured at room temperature, low temperature, and in water. At the same time, its performance can also make the resin, monomer and rubber better fused. Good compatibility and reactivity, easy to modify by copolymerization, cross-linking, blending, filling, etc., thereby improving the performance of the adhesive layer;