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What Are The Application Areas Of Epoxy Resins?

Jun 15, 2020

Car hoods and high-voltage switches in everyday life are made of epoxy resin. In addition to these, what other fields are they used for? Let's take a closer look together.


The main applications of epoxy resin in factory equipment are: FRP oxygen cylinders, FRP tanks, FRP containers, pipes, molds, propellers, loom shafts, aircraft honeycomb structures, hoods, rollers, shafts, installed base Leveling, self-leveling floors, solenoid coils, pilot valves, glass parts, glass fiber reinforced plastic pump valves, electric carbon products, construction engineering structural parts, machine transmission parts, etc.

The main applications of epoxy resin in insulation materials are:

Copper clad laminate, glass steel sheet, tube, rod, transformer, relay, high voltage switch, insulator, transformer, resistor, cable head, electronic device, sealing or encapsulation and plastic packaging of components, alarm, solid power supply, FBT flyback transformer , Focus potentiometer, ignition coils for motor vehicles such as motorcycles, automobiles, electronics, electrical components, light-emitting diodes, signal lights, fully enclosed batteries, motor packaging, temperature transmitters, recorder heads, circuit board closures, integrated circuits, two, Transistor discrete devices, passive filters, structural packaging of LEDs, encapsulated solar panels, power components, IC regulators and solid-state relays, coal mine safety inspection systems, intrinsically safe modules, auto-reclosers are used in sporting goods: FRP safety helmets , Rackets, golf clubs, fishing rods, bowling balls, sleds, surfboards, fiberglass rowing boats, sailing boats, racing cars, recliners, hockey sticks, etc.