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What Are The Characteristics And Disadvantages Of Unsaturated Polyester Resin

Jun 06, 2020

Features and disadvantages of unsaturated polyester resin:

A thermosetting resin can be cured into an insoluble and infusible polymer network polymer under the influence of heat or an activator.

Uses, in addition to the use of mixed fillers as casting products, but also with glass fiber and other infiltration and solidification into a composite material, commonly known as "FRP"

FRP has many obvious advantages:

Light weight, high strength, low price, various production processes, can prepare many shaped parts that can't be completed by metal data

Defect: low modulus, that is, insufficient rigidity,

Aging resistance is worse than engineering plastics or metals

Expansive, after a long time, the finished product will be deformed

The final stage of curing is not complete, the finished product has a breath of time