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What Are The Characteristics And Disadvantages Of Unsaturated Polyester Resins

Jul 30, 2020

Characteristics of unsaturated polyester resin:

A thermosetting resin that can be cured into an insoluble and infusible polymer network polymer under the action of heat or initiator.


Uses, in addition to mixing fillers, etc. as casting products, it also becomes a composite material after infiltration and solidification with glass fiber, commonly known as "glass reinforced plastic"


FRP has many significant advantages:


Light weight, high strength, low price, and various preparation processes, which can prepare many special-shaped parts that cannot be realized by metal materials


Disadvantages: low modulus, that is, insufficient rigidity,


Aging resistance is worse than engineering plastics or metals


Shrinkage, after a long time, the product will be deformed


The initial curing is not complete enough, and the product has a long time for smell