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What Are The Characteristics Of Epoxy Resin

Jun 05, 2020

    Epoxy resin has many functions and a wide range of uses. It is a thermosetting resin that can be used as an adhesive or paint. Commonly used are chemical epoxy resin, electrical epoxy resin, automotive epoxy resin, etc., multifunctional ring Oxygen resin has been widely praised in the industry for its many excellent characteristics and has been popularized in many fields.

    Epoxy resin has excellent mechanical properties, not only strong cohesion, but also very tight molecular structure. At this time, the mechanical properties of epoxy resin are very high, which is much higher than other general-purpose thermosetting resins, such as phenolic. Resins and unsaturated polyesters are not as good as epoxy resins. The adhesion of epoxy resin is also very good, because the curing system of epoxy resin contains very active epoxy and other polar groups, these groups give epoxy resin strong adhesion, this adhesion is facing Materials such as metals, ceramics, glass, concrete, and even wood perform well.

    Epoxy resin also has a very small curing shrinkage rate, the volume change after curing is very small, and the manufacturability is also very excellent, so it is well-known that epoxy resin has been widely praised.