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What Are The Classification Of Water-based Environmental Protection Curing Agent

Jul 08, 2020

The curing agent is divided into normal temperature curing agent and high temperature curing agent according to the way of use. The difference between the two is that the normal temperature curing agent is suitable for the application field without a heating process, and it is currently used; and the high temperature curing agent is also called closed curing. It can coexist with water-based resin (water-based polyurethane, water-based acrylate, fluorine emulsion, silicone emulsion, etc.) at room temperature for a long time, and the isocyanate (-NCO) group released by the curing agent during heat treatment (above 95℃) It can react with hydroxyl, carboxyl, amino and other groups on the molecular chain of water-based resin to form a cross-linked structure, which can significantly improve the performance of water-based resin.

The closed curing agent changes the original curing agent needs two components, the dosage is not easy to control, waste and other shortcomings, a wide range of applications: closed water-based isocyanate curing agent Scope of application: as a one-component heat-curable water-based coating internal crosslinking It can significantly improve the water resistance, chemical resistance, wear resistance, adhesion, mechanical and mechanical properties of water-based resin paint films through curing and cross-linking; as a cross-linking agent for organic fluorine or silicone emulsion, fix the organic fluorine or silicone to The surface of cotton fiber or polyester fiber improves the three-proof; the number of times the fabric is resistant to washing; and as an internal cross-linking agent for textile coatings and printing adhesives, improves adhesion and resistance to washing and abrasion; as a single-component metal and glass Internal cross-linking agent for baking paint, can be used instead of amino resin, no formaldehyde release, has excellent yellowing resistance; as a polyester or polyester cord fabric treatment agent, improve the adhesion between polyester and rubber; as a cathodic electrophoretic coating (hydroxy acrylic acid) Resin) curing agent to improve the comprehensive performance of coating adhesion. There are many types of room-temperature curing agents in the domestic market, and there is a large range of choices. The domestic price-performance ratio is high, and the prices of imported ones such as Bayer are high. However, there are few domestic sales of closed curing agents, and the market potential is great.