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What Are The Main Ingredients Of Unsaturated Polyester Resin?

Jun 06, 2020


(Illustration of unsaturated resin)

Unsaturated polyester resin composition: Unsaturated polyester resin can be divided into maleic anhydride type, acrylic type, acrylic epoxy ester type polyester resin according to chemical structure.

Auxiliary information: cross-linking agent, stimulant and enhancer

Crosslinking agent: ethylenic monomer, which is both a solvent and a crosslinking agent. It can ablate the unsaturated polyester resin, cause the copolymerization reaction between its double bonds, and lose the body product, so as to improve the function of the cured resin. Commonly used cross-linking agents: styrene, methyl methacrylate, dipropylene phthalate, vinyl toluene, etc.

Exciting agent: It is usually an inorganic peroxide, which differentiates to form a free radical at a certain temperature, thereby exciting the curing of unsaturated polyester resin. Commonly used stimulant: dicumyl peroxide

[C6H5C(CH3)2] 2O2, dibenzoyl peroxide (C6H5CO) 2O2.

Enhancer: Lower the differentiation temperature of the stimulant below room temperature.