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What Are The Molding Methods For Unsaturated Resins?

Jun 11, 2020

Unsaturated resin is one of the most commonly used thermosetting resins. It is a linear polymer formed by polycondensation of saturated dibasic acid, unsaturated dibasic acid and diol. It is formed by diluting with crosslinking monomer or active solvent. A resin solution with a certain viscosity, referred to as UP. Light color, fast curing, good mechanical properties. Excellent process performance. This is the biggest advantage of unsaturated polyester resin.

Its molding methods are: â‘  hand lay-up method, which is to spray a layer of resin on the mold coated with the release agent, and then lay a layer of reinforcing material, and then repeat the operation to the required thickness after expelling the bubbles, and finally solidify and release the mold. â‘¡Lamination method is to make glass cloth impregnated with unsaturated polyester, and then laminated and hot-press cured. It has excellent tensile strength and impact toughness, small relative density, good thermal and electrical insulation properties, good light transmission, weather resistance, acid resistance and sound insulation. The price is much cheaper than epoxy resin glass fiber reinforced plastic, so it is widely It is used to manufacture radar radomes, aircraft parts, car shells, small boats, transparent corrugated board and other building materials, sanitary toilets, chemical equipment and pipes. Good impact resistance, can be used to make car shells, bathtubs, cooling towers, storage tanks, can also be used for artificial marble, rigid and soft coexistence.

It can be cured at room temperature, molded under normal pressure, and has flexible process performance, especially suitable for large-scale and on-site manufacturing of FRP products. The main purpose of unsaturated polyester resin is to make glass fiber reinforced with glass fiber, which is one of the main varieties in reinforced plastics. Technical indicators Appearance: light yellow transparent liquid, viscosity: 0.25-0.5Pas acid: 18-34mgkoH/g, gelation: 5-10min solid content: 63%-68% light color, fast curing, good mechanical properties, Suitable for all kinds of ordinary FRP products. Supply technical indicators Appearance: light yellow transparent liquid Viscosity: 0.3-0.45Pas Acid value: 20-35mgkoH/g, gelation: 5-10min Solid content: 60%-69% Use characteristics Good impact resistance, can be used to make car shells , Bathtub, cooling tower, storage tank, can also be used for artificial marble, coexist with rigid and soft