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What Are The Original Model, Base Model And Male Model?

Aug 06, 2020

Many newcomers to mold factories can't distinguish what is the original model, the base model or the male model, and they all feel the same thing! Some veterans may also describe them more confusingly and vaguely. Sometimes the original model, base model and male model can be used interchangeably, but the composition of the original model is still slightly different. If you can accurately describe the type of the original model, for the insiders, it may save time for communication with each other.

Base model: the original model processed from a single material or similar material types.

Male model: The original model processed by various materials and formed by hand.

Original model: durable, sturdy, fully representative of the shape design of the part, and constructed in the same way as the production mold.

Generally, neither the base mold nor the male mold is particularly durable, and is only used to make one or several molded molds or parts. When two or more molds are needed to meet production needs, the original model can be used to make small batch production molds.