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What Are The Product Characteristics Of High Impact Vinyl Resin

Jun 05, 2020

High impact vinyl resin, as a major category of vinyl resin, adds high impact performance to the original product. What are the characteristics of such products? In the following, I will introduce you one by one.

Characteristic one, adhering to the excellent characteristics of epoxy resin, more excellent in curability and moldability, can be dissolved in styrene and acrylic monomers, due to the advantages of both epoxy and unsaturated, its application field is constantly expanding .

Characteristic two, high impact vinyl resin has the properties of unsaturated polyester and epoxy resin, has good mechanical properties, toughness, heat resistance and adhesion, excellent chemical resistance and easy curing characteristics.

Characteristic three, the double bonds at both ends of the molecular chain are extremely active, so that the vinyl resin can be rapidly cured, and the use strength is quickly obtained, and a polymer with high corrosion resistance is obtained.

The above three points are the main product characteristics of high impact vinyl resin. I believe that under such an introduction, everyone will have a deeper understanding of such products. If you have any need in this regard, you can also contact us in time.