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What Are The Requirements For Pipe Connections When Installing Softened Water Equipment?

Jul 21, 2020

Hydration softening equipment is widely used in the softening of make-up water for steam boilers, warm water boilers, exchangers, evaporative condensers, air conditioners, direct-fired engines and other systems. Next, the editor introduces the piping connection requirements when setting up the water softening equipment.

  The pipe connection requirements of the water softening equipment during the installation process are as follows:

  1. Water supply plastic pipes should be used for the pipes connected to the water softening equipment, and soft plastic pipes should not be used for the drainage pipes to prevent the pipes from deforming and affecting the drainage effect.

  2. Connect the inlet and outlet pipes according to the water inlet and outlet arrow marks of the control valve, and use a flow-type regeneration controller. The flowmeter must be installed at the water outlet.

   3. The water inlet and outlet should be equipped with barometers and manual regulating valves, and should also be equipped with an air inlet valve, and a sampling valve should be installed before the water outlet valve. A Y-type filter device is usually installed after the water inlet valve to prevent the waste in the pipeline from blocking the oil circuit board and causing the machinery and equipment to fail to operate normally.

  4. The connection length of the drainage pipe should not exceed 6m, minimize the curvature, and it is strictly forbidden to install valves.

   5. The length of the brine pipeline connection should not exceed 2m, and it must maintain a good seal, otherwise it will affect the regeneration effect of the water softener.