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What Are The Types Of Curing Agents In Epoxy Resin Adhesives

Aug 05, 2020

It’s really amazing to think about the world. When all things didn’t show up in the colorful and colorful world, after a little bit of manipulation, the colorful world now appeared. Among them, there are countless things obtained through chemical reactions. As a manufacturer of epoxy resins, Longcai New Materials has been innovating and developing the most suitable coatings for human beings for a long time. Today we will take you to understand the types of curing agents in epoxy resin adhesives.

There are two common ones, acid anhydride and amine system. Acid anhydrides such as maleic anhydride, fumaric anhydride, etc., amines such as ethylenediamine, diethylenetriamine, diethanolamine, etc., acidic systems are heat-curable, and amines are self-crosslinking at room temperature. There are also new curing agents, such as benzophenone, which use UV light to initiate polymerization. It can be analyzed for specific epoxy resins. According to different epoxy equivalents, epoxy resins have different hardness and softness.

We must be vigilant when the chemical reaction reaches a certain level, after all, once the rhythm is not well controlled, it may lead to the failure of the final result.