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What Are The Types Of Gel Coat

Jul 01, 2020

With the continuous progress of the world and the development of society, the application of unsaturated resins is increasingly being tapped. Many products are made of resin glue, and the unsaturated resins below The types of gel coat resins are briefly introduced.

        M-benzene neopentyl glycol type gel coat: The base resin of m-phenyl neopentyl glycol type gel coat is neopentyl glycol/isobenzoic acid unsaturated polyester. The structure of the resin gives it good mechanical properties and weather resistance, especially suitable for places with high weather resistance and water resistance requirements.

         M-benzene gel coat: The base resin of m-benzene gel coat is m-benzene unsaturated polyester resin, which has high mechanical strength, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, and is suitable for making FRP products.

        O-Phenyl gel coat: the base resin of o-phthalate gel coat is o-phenyl unsaturated polyester resin, which has good weather resistance, water resistance, impact resistance and other characteristics, suitable for glass fiber reinforced plastic products with higher requirements.

        Mold gel coat: The matrix resin of the mold gel coat is a special polyester. The structure of the resin gives the product good mechanical properties, high gloss, chemical resistance and flexibility. It is used to make FRP molds.

        Air-drying gel coat: Air-drying gel coat is a wax-free air-drying gel coat with strong adhesion and anti-peel strength. The special molecular structure determines that it has higher corrosion resistance and excellent high temperature resistance, high specific strength and crack resistance than ordinary polyester. The biggest characteristic of air-drying gel coat. It is dry after 20-30min after spraying, reaching the strength of ordinary gel coat in 2h, and reaching the highest intensity value after one week. After molding, the surface of the product is smooth, bright, without hanging, excellent leveling performance, and does not stick to hands. According to customer requirements, hand lay-up type and spray type are available.

         Transparent gel coat: The transparent gel coat is a colorless transparent gel coat. Its base resin is an isophthalic unsaturated polyester resin with medium viscosity and reactivity. It is widely used in non-reinforced casting bodies and polyester concrete. And artificial marble, artificial agate, ornate stone.

        After the above introduction, I believe that everyone has a general understanding of the gel coat resin in the unsaturated polyester resin. Want to know more? You can find us and provide relevant professional technical support.