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What Do Epoxy Ab Glue Refer To

Aug 05, 2020

Epoxy resin is obtained after many experiments. Any operation error in this process will lead to bad results. Therefore, Longcai New Materials has established a group of special research teams to supervise the operation process to prevent what happens. Wrong, today we will explain to you what epoxy ab glue refers to.


1. AB glue is another name for two-liquid mixed hardening glue. One liquid is the glue and the other is the hardener. The two liquids can be mixed to harden. It does not depend on temperature to harden and mature, so it is a normal temperature hardening glue. Kind, sometimes used to make models. Generally used in industry.

2. AB glue is called the two-component adhesive. Commercially available AB glue with acrylic, epoxy, polyurethane and other ingredients. When used in the factory, the toothpaste tube is referred to as AB glue (the eye-catching name on the box), which is different from the conventional large tins (1kg/2kg set) epoxy resin.

When conducting epoxy resin experiments, you must do it under the guidance of professionals. Don't experiment by yourself to prevent accidents.