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What Is A Special Wax Sheet For Molds?

Aug 06, 2020

The representative mold wax sheet is Freeman wax sheet, an imported special wax sheet for molds, which is used to control the thickness of the mold cavity, the resin channel and the embedded groove of the sealant strip. It is convenient to lay and accurate in thickness, ranging from 1-5mm There are specifications. Typical applications of wax wafers, such as cavity control of RTM glass fiber reinforced plastic molds.

When we need a certain thickness difference, such as the thickness difference between the template mold and the forming mold (for example, you want to make an outer cover for a product), or the thickness difference between two forming molds (for example, you want to make a "Clamping") and other situations, you can use wax tablets.

The thickness of the die wax is very accurate, and the manufacturing tolerance is also very precise (0.05mm). When the wax is placed in the template mold or the forming mold, the accurate thickness is still maintained.

The mold wax sheet has high temperature resistance and will not melt under the normal exothermic temperature of the casting or laminate resin. When the surface of the mold is solidified, the wax flakes can begin to melt at a temperature above 126°C; when the temperature cannot be heated to melt the wax flakes, a plastic scraper can be used to scrape the wax flakes from the surface of the mold or template mold.

There is a pressure-sensitive adhesive on one side of the wax sheet, so that it can be easily attached to the surface of the glass fiber reinforced plastic mold or template mold.