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What Is Color Paste And Its Application?

Jul 27, 2020

Color paste is a semi-finished product made of pigments or pigments and fillers dispersed in paint. The oily color paste that uses pure oil as the adhesive. The resin color paste that uses resin paint as the adhesive is called resin color paste. We usually divide the color paste into factory color paste and machine color paste. In nature, the color paste dresses up the whole world in collaboration, ranging from dressing, daily use, toys, etc., to bridges, buildings, etc., all showing colorful colors.

1. Water-based colorant for rubbing and coloring:

1. General construction requirements: easy to wipe, long construction time limit, good coloring, soft and clear wood grain after wiping, which can improve the added value of the product.

2. Product application: wipe with a cloth in a spiral shape, push the wiper into the wood fiber conduit to fully fill the brown eyes, and then wipe the surface with a clean cloth in the direction of the wood grain, paying special attention to the groove Part must be cleaned up thoroughly. Water-based wiping agent has the problem that it is not easy to wipe off after drying. Pay attention to large-area construction. You can consider adding a suitable amount of water and spraying with a large-caliber spray gun or brushing evenly and then wiping. Water-based paint can be applied directly after the product is wiped. If the upper layer is solvent-based PU or NC paint, the water-based colorant needs to be dried thoroughly before application.

2. Water-based colorant spraying coloring: Many processes in wood coating require bottom spraying or surface repairing. The construction requirements are relatively simple. Direct spraying and repairing with a spray gun, and spraying in place according to the effect of the color board. Different pigment pastes can achieve different construction effects.

3. Water-based roller coating coloring: Factory assembly line operations often require roller coating machine roller coating coloring. The construction substrate is wood with large brown eyes (conduit), the main purpose is to highlight its texture effect. The specific construction process is:

1. Water-based color paste roll-coated colorant plus 5-20% 71k color paste to mix and mix well.

2. Pump the colorant with the adjusted color to the roller of the roller coater. After the colorant on the roller is evenly rolled, start to transfer the wood for coloring. There is a brush roller behind the roller, which will squeeze the colorant. Into the catheter and brush off the excess colorant.

  3. After the base colorant is dried, spray or roll water-based paint and solvent-based paint on the above-mentioned colored substrate on time.

4. Water-based dip coating coloring: Generally, it is required to have good sealing properties for wood, good permeability, and uniform coloring, so as to reduce the water swelling of wood texture during the construction of water-based base paint and reduce the problem of later collapse of the coating film. The specific construction considerations are as follows:

1. The relative humidity of wood should be tested before construction. The moisture content of wood is 12-14% to achieve the best coating effect.

2. Make sure that the drain is overflowing with impregnant.

3. The wood should be dust-free to avoid polluting the impregnant.