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What Is Polyester Resin

Jul 13, 2020

Polyester resin is short for unsaturated polyester adhesive. The unsaturated polyester adhesive is mainly composed of unsaturated polyester resin, initiator, accelerator, filler, thixotropic agent and so on. The adhesive has low viscosity, easy wetting, and good manufacturability. The cured adhesive layer has high hardness, good transparency, high brightness, fast curing at room temperature, good heat resistance, and excellent electrical properties. Disadvantages are large shrinkage rate, low adhesive strength, poor chemical resistance and water resistance, used for non-structural adhesives. Mainly used for gluing glass fiber reinforced plastics, hard plastics, concrete, electrical cans, etc.

The most commonly used saturated polyester resins in the paint industry are polyester resins containing terminal hydroxyl functional groups, which are cured by crosslinking with isocyanate, amino resins and other resins to form a film. Different raw materials make different contributions to the performance of the resin. The selection of raw materials depends on the performance requirements of the resin, and the selection of corresponding raw materials that can help the required performance of the resin, from the aspects of providing functionality, hardness, flexibility, etc. consider.