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What Is Resin Carbon Carving Crafts?

Jul 02, 2020

Resin carbon carving crafts are made of high-quality woody carbon, nutshell carbon, mineral carbon and special minerals combined with natural high-tech materials. After deep processing of dozens of processes, activated black gold carbon is formed, and the activated carbon is retained to the maximum. On the basis of its activity, it is carved by traditional handicrafts and is colored with precious pure natural pigments. The colors are simple and natural, giving high-tech products a quaint appearance and a strong cultural heritage. It is the perfection of activated carbon molding technology and traditional carving technology. Combined, it has a decorative function while paying attention to public health. It is a multi-functional environmentally friendly product that can both clean the air and beautify the environment.

    Resin carbon carving crafts can continuously absorb various toxic gases in the air, purify indoor air, beautify the living environment, and kill two birds with one stone.

        Resin carbon carving crafts research and development

Activated carbon is often used as a deodorant in daily life and industrial production. This is because activated carbon has the function of capturing odor, preventing poisonous gas, and purifying odorous water; in some protective equipment, including military gas masks The main ingredients are also activated carbon. However, due to technical limitations, activated carbon has been in an unformed state such as powder or granules for a long time. The activated carbon molding technology has always been a difficult problem in the world, which limits its development in the civilian field.

  After more than ten years of research, Hunan scientists finally overcome the worldwide problem of activated carbon molding in the early 21st century and became the only inventor with this patent in the world, which makes Hunan people proud and proud! Resin carbon carving crafts as one of the four treasures of Huxiang is made of activated carbon as raw material after patented technology and then combined with traditional hand-carving, carefully carving every detail, and using precious minerals gold, silver, pearls, etc. as raw materials It is blended into pure natural colors to make it a multi-functional and environmentally friendly artwork that can both purify the air and beautify the environment. It has both appreciation and collection value and is more practical. Foreign media even described it as "Ujin"! It can be said that the appearance of resin carbon carving crafts is "the use of artistic modeling to solve the indoor pollution problem", both fish and bear paw.