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What Is The Basic Formula Of Unsaturated Polyester Resin? What Role Does Each Play

Jul 30, 2020

Main components: Unsaturated polyester resin, which can be divided into maleic anhydride type, acrylic type, acrylic epoxy ester type polyester resin according to chemical structure.

Auxiliary materials: crosslinking agent, initiator and accelerator


Crosslinking agent: ethylenic monomer, which is both a solvent and a crosslinking agent. It can dissolve the unsaturated polyester resin and cause a copolymerization reaction between the double bonds to obtain a body product to improve the performance of the resin after curing. Commonly used Crosslinking agent: styrene, methyl methacrylate, dipropylene phthalate, vinyl toluene, etc.


Initiator: generally organic peroxide, which decomposes to form free radicals at a certain temperature, thereby triggering the curing of unsaturated polyester resin. Commonly used initiator: dicumyl peroxide


[C6H5C(CH3)2]2O2, dibenzoyl peroxide (C6H5CO)2O2.


Promoter: reduce the decomposition temperature of the initiator to below room temperature.


Effective accelerators for peroxides: dimethylaniline, diethylaniline, dimethyltoluidine, etc.


Promoters effective for hydroperoxides: metal cobalt with variable valence: cobalt naphthenate, cobalt naphthalate, etc.